3 Easy-to-Implement Things that Helped Me to Become a Better Travel Writer:

1) Have fun. You don’t need to be serious – you’re not writing about humanitarian aid or politics or dogs with cancer. You’re writing about something fun… so make it fun. People read travel writing to be inspired and entertained. Make people laugh.

2) Be yourself. You don’t need to be formal, you don’t need to write like someone else, and there’s no expectation to have a certain style. Write the way you talk. You’re not crafting some all-important white paper, so you can even play around with grammar, structure and slang.

3) Have an opinion. Not everything is amazing. Some things are shit, and that’s fine. If you praise everything, your praise becomes meaningless.

Oh, and here’s a photo of me on a beach yesterday, looking like some sort of twattish Instagram influencer. That’s probably the sort of thing a travel writer should add to their post.

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