Being Reliable is (Possibly) a Writer’s Most Important Skill

You can be a highly successful freelance writer without being a brilliant writer.


Be reliable. It’s an underrated skill.

I’m not the best writer in the world. I’m not the best writer you know. I’m not the best writer I know.

But I am very reliable.

I have clients I’ve worked with for years. And they’ve rarely had any complaints. I’ve built a reputation on getting things done properly, and getting them done on time.

I’ve met loads of other freelancer writers who never stick to deadlines. Who never reply to emails. Who don’t follow briefs. Who’ll do the bare minimum. Who don’t listen to what clients want from them. Who won’t get out of bed in the morning to get their work done. Who complain when a client gets on their back for not submitting on time.

So my #1 tip for new (or even experienced) freelance writers looking to find a stable workload? Just be reliable.

Be consistent, be easy to work with, and stick to your promises. If you’re even a half-decent writer, it’ll put you ahead of 90%* of your competition.

(*yes, I have pulled that number out of my anus – it’s not backed up by any empirical data. But I’m sticking with it).

Thanks for reading, boys and girls.

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