Best Cafes for Remote Workers in Belgrade

Looking for the best cafes for remote workers in Belgrade? I’ve covered all of them baby!

Look at me, concentrating on stuff

Belgrade has lots of brilliant cafes. One of the most coffee-culture cities I’ve ever been to, it’s a good place to slurp on cappuccinos and munch on cakes.

And because it has loads of cafes, it’s also a perfect city for remote working. There are loads of places where you can plonk down your laptop, and spend a couple of hours working (or all day, if you’ve got no morals and you don’t mind stealing a full day’s worth of electricity).

So in this speedy guide, I’ve brought you my my five favorite cafes for remote workers in Belgrade. They’re all central, they’re all worker-friendly, and they’re all affordable. When I was living in Belgrade, I spent lots of time in all of them.

The Absolute Best Cafe For Remote Workers in Belgrade: Kafeterija Magazin 1907

Ubiquitous avocado, in Kafeterija Magazin 1907

This place is like crack for remote workers. But instead of huffing on crystal-filled pipes of class-A drugs, you huff on good food, amazing coffee, friendly staff, and about 10,000 plug sockets.

I’ve never seen more remote workers in one place in my life, and I’m not exaggerating. If you want to avoid the crowds, go before 1pm. If you want to embrace them, go between 1pm and 4pm.

All floors are busy, but the top floor is where all the remote workers, plug sockets and laptops are. The place feels more like an office than a cafe – but the staff don’t seem to mind. Just be a nice person, and don’t nurse one coffee for 6 hours.

It’s also one of the best places for coffee in Belgrade. The coffee here is ridiculously tasty, and they have about nine different types of beans.

Coffee, Tea and Sympathy

This place is massively underrated. There are a few of them in the city (it’s a Serbian chain I think), but the best one is in Dorcol (right next to the best gym in the city, Ahilej Dorcol).

Anyway, this place doesn’t have the best ambience, or the most interesting decor, but the food is pretty good, the coffee is really nice, and the place is really spacious. It’s not your typical remote worker cafe (because it doesn’t look like an art gallery), but it’s a lovely spot.

Best No-Smoking Cafe for Remote Workers in Belgrade: Red Bread

Red Bread, one of the best no-smoking cafes for remote workers in Belgrade
Back home, they call me ‘three-drinks Paul’

I’ve included this place because it’s non-smoking (whereas most places in Belgrade are very-smoking). I don’t mind all the indoor smoking, but if you’re desperately seeking a work-friendly cafe where you won’t be passive smoking, you’ll probably love this place.

That said, I don’t think it’s amazing. The coffee is a bit crap, and it’s not the most atmospheric place on the planet. But it’s light and airy, and work-friendly.

Weirdly, you’re not allowed to play board games here. So don’t bring your chess set, or a deck of cards or whatever.

Kafeterija Waterfront

Kafeterijia Waterfront, one of the best cafes for remote workers in Belgrade
If you’re working in a cafe, you need to take a picture like this one to prove how cool you are

The Kafeterija place I’ve already mentioned, it’s part of a chain.

The longer you stay in Belgrade, the more branches of Kafeterijas you’ll see. It’s like some sort of inexplicable illusion, where you see a Kafeterija on a street where you swore there wasn’t a Kafeterija last time you walked down it.

(By the way, ‘kafeterija’ in Serbian, just means ‘cafe’. So not all kafeterijas are Kafeterijas, if you know what I mean).

Anyway, the second-best Kafeterijia is on Belgrade Waterfront, where there’s loads of redevelopment and big blocks of apartments popping up.

This one is all glass-fronted, so you get lovely riverside views of the Sava, and the same coffee and food as Kafetirija 1907. It’s not quite as work-friendly (there are fewer tables, upright chairs and plug sockets), but it’s great if you can find a good spot. And unless you go on the weekend, you probably will.

KC Grad

KC Grad is an atmospheric little place. Working here is like working in some 1900s mansion (except you won’t get cholera)

I love this place. It’s probably most famous for its bi-weekly language exchange, one of the best places for making new friends in the city (every second Tuesday, in case you’re interested).

But’s also a great spot for work. Spacious, atmospheric, and with lots of friendly staff, it’s a good place to spend a couple of hours. Be warned though, they don’t serve food.

They also serve good beer, so if you like a couple of pivos while you’re working (I’m not here to judge you, maybe it makes you more productive), you’ll like the place.

There they are – best cafes for remote workers in Belgrade. Hope that’s all been helpful for you!

If it has, you can stick a donation in the box below. But don’t feel any pressure kid, cos I probably wouldn’t either.

Oh, and if you’re interested in more stuff about Serbia, here’s information about all the food you can eat, and why it’s a really safe place. Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you next time.

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