4 Reasons You’re Not Being Paid What You Want to Be Paid as a Writer…

Over the past 18 months, I’ve doubled my day rate.

18 months ago, I was earning around $150 per day. Today, I earn around $300 per day. 

And I’m just getting started – by the end of 2023, I want to drive that up to $500 per day.

While upping my income, I’ve learned 4 different things. Implement these 4 things, and you can massively increase what you’re earning. Starting today. 

Those 4 things are:

1) Charge more. Your clients probably aren’t paying you what you deserve to be paid. But that’s not their fault—that’s your fault; of course they don’t want to pay you more. Just like you, they want to hoard as much money as they can. So if you want more, you need to ask for more. And you probably deserve it. 

2) Stop being so fucking boring. You don’t need to write all formally and formulaically, like you’re contributing to the latest installment of an 1800s Victorian science journal. As a writer, it’s (partially) your job to be entertaining. Make people laugh; have fun; get colloquial; be relaxed. And don’t worry about offending people. 

3) Be reliable. This is a big one. The more I live this life, the more I discover that most other freelancers are unreliable. Stick to deadlines, follow style guides, email promptly, communicate openly. Do those things, and you’re ahead of most of your competition. 

4) Set specific goals for yourself. Don’t think ‘oh, shucks, I guess I want to earn, like, sorta, more money in the future, maybe, I think, haha.’ Instead, tell yourself that you want to earn X amount by X time. And make a realistic, actionable plan that’ll get you there.

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